Biomolecular NMR

JSC Biotechnology Building

room C1B92


Two high-field NMR spectrometers are maintained and operated by the Biochemistry NMR groups for molecular structure and dynamics research involving biopolymers such as proteins, DNA, & RNA.

These instruments, located in JSCBB, Room C1B92include:

  • Varian INOVA 600 (600MHz) spectrometer, with a variety of sample probes designed for biomolecular studies. The 600 is equipped with a cryogenic Cold Probe which gives greatly increased sensitivity by cryogenically cooling the electronics contained within the probe.
  • Varian INOVA 500 (500MHz) spectrometers,equipped with all accessories necessary for state-of-the-art research in Biomolecular NMR.

For more information about Biomolecular NMR research at the University of Colorado, visit the research group homepages of Professors Arthur Pardi and Deborah Wuttke.