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Recognizing a Magnet Quench, and what to do if you are in the lab...

With the recent problems with the loss of vacuum on our 500MHz magnet, it is important that everyone who uses the NMR faclity understand what it means for a magnet to quench, and what you should do if this happens while you are in the NMR facility. The main point is this: IF YOU EVER observe Cold Gas escaping from the top of any of the NMR magnets, you should CALMLY AND QUICKLY EXIT THE NMR LAB. Don't panic, just leave the lab, and make sure everyone else leaves also. After you leave the lab, you shoud call Rich Shoemaker (cell phone # is on the door exterior), and somehow put a BIG note on the door to KEEP OUT.

The Danger is that all of the helium gas released can quickly displace the oxygen in the room, and if you stay you could pass out or suffocate. If you remain calm, there is plenty of time to leave the room safely.

Examples of NMR magnet quences can be found on YouTube.. just search "NMR Magnet Quench", or click on one of the links below...

Quench of a 360MHz magnet

Quenching our 900MHz Magnet at Anschutz in Aurora

Quenching our little baby 300MHz R2D2 magnet a few years ago