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Instructions for Using the Online Reservation System

Please read carefully...

The reservation system is currently being used only for the Inova-400 & 500.  Select the appropriate link for reserving daytime (8:00 am-7:00pm) or overnight time slots.

Enter your user ID in the "Name" box, and the password in the "Password" box, then select your Research Group in the pull-down box {some browsers allow you to tab and use keybard shortcuts, some force you to use the pull-down menu}. Once you login, you should see the reservation screen.


  • If you Click on Update Now and the date may move back one day. (In the evening, sometimes the day might not change). Be sure to move forward to the correct day... usually you must move forward one day after [Update Now]!
    • Click on the >>button to go forward one day. then update now
    • If you want to move back one day, you can c lick on the button.
    • You can use the [Step] button to step forward multiple days

  • Make Sure you are set to the CORRECT DAY/DATE!! after clicking on the Update Now button.
  • You can now scroll down to select available time blocks by clicking in the box, which will put a check-mark in the box(es) for the time slots that you wish to reserve.  Please follow the time-restrictions outlined on the page:
  • Click on the [Submit] Button to reserve your time-blocks. 
  • Then click on [Update NOW], and you should see your name/group beside the selected blocks (see the following figure): Be certain that the "Selected Day:" is correct AND you are reserving the correct instrument after you do
    [Update NOW].
  • Be Sure to Click on [Update NOW] to confirm that your reservation was recorded correctly!!

  • If you wish to cancel a reserved time-slot, repeat the procedure; checking the box adjacent to a time that you have already reserved.  Then click on [Submit] followed by [Update NOW].  You may only cancel reservations previously made by you.
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